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HTC Vive pro 2 start guide


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HTC Vive pro 2 start guide



Htc vive pro 2 is a uniquely designed virtual reality headset that offers an immersive 3D experience. The headset is designed with improved comfort in mind and to meet the user's visual and physical needs.

And as per requirement, it also comes with built-in headphones; you no longer have to worry about having your gaming audio blown out because plenty of sound controls allow you to pick an appropriate volume.

Htc vive pro two is equipped with the latest technology that makes this headset stand out from other competitors in the market. It features a 2880 x 1600 LCD, an improvement over the original model.

1. Setting up the Headset

If you are looking to purchase your own htc vive pro 2, setting it up may be a confusing experience. The good news is that once you have completed the setup process, you can use the VR headset easily.

To set up the headset, you and your partner must be on the same page. Go through the setup manual and follow each step carefully. The steps are straightforward and should not take you too long to complete.

Make sure you have a set of headphones compatible with the headset. Since this is a virtual reality headset, you will not hear sound out of the headphones. Also, ensure that your controller has been paired with your device in advance and that all controllers should be working.

Since your phone is the only device connected to the headset in a virtual environment, you will need to ensure that the display mirroring feature is enabled on it. So, you can set it up so your phone can reflect what is shown on the headset.

Now that you have everything necessary, it's time to start setting up. All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • 1) Plug in the power supply and USB cable, using the connector on the side of your headset. Also, plug your headphones into the USB port found on the wire.
  • 2) Using a remote or buttons on a headset, connect to wireless networks.
  • 3) Open Settings on htc vive pro two and check for any updates.
  • 4) After updating, check whether all parts are working correctly by testing each individually.
  • 5) Before starting your first use, you may want to try the audio and video quality of the headset.