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Playstation VR Start Guide


Unfortunately, the Playstation 4 web browser does not support streaming or downloading videos directly to your PS4 hard drive. For this reason you have to download your favorite content from a computer, transfer the videos on a USD drive and plug it to your PS4 to enjoy the KinkVR porn experience. Please find detailed instructions below.

Initial setup

These steps have to be done only once.

1. Install Littlstar app on your Playstation 4

- Download Littlstar VR Cinema App from the PlayStation Store.
- Launch Littlstar.
- To access all features you need to create an account and log in.

2. Setup your USB drive

- Ensure that your USB drive is formatted as FAT32 (your PS4 won't recognize the drive if it's formatted as NTFS).
- Create a "LITTLSTAR" folder at the root of your freshly formatted drive.

Download and watch

1. Transfer your videos to your USB drive

- Download the desired video (choose download option: Playstation VR - 60fps) from our website and copy the file inside the "LITTLSTAR" folder on your USB drive.
- The filename should end with "_180_sbs.mp4" suffix (or "_360_sbs.mp4" for 360 videos) to be detected by Littlstar. If you rename the file, please make sure to keep this suffix.

- The filenames can't contain "ou", "tb", "bt", "sbs" "lr" or "rl" in the middle.

2. Play the files on your PS4

- Plug the USB drive into your PS4.
- Open Littlstar VR Cinema app on your PS4, go to "Library" where you will find all the videos copied earlier and launch the video of your choice.

3. Enjoy the experience!