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Samsung Gear VR Start Guide


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Samsung Gear VR Start Guide



1. Update firmware

Make sure your phone is running the latest version of Android, Oculus Store and other related applications.

2. Setup the Gear VR environment on your phone

Insert your phone in your GearVR headset and go through the GearVR installation wizard. For more detailed instructions please refer to the official documentation from Samsung here.

3. Setup US VPN

PLEASE NOTE: If you're in US please proceed to step 4

The Samsung VR player, which is needed to play our VR videos, is currently available only in specific countries. To overcome this restriction you will have to use a VPN connection. Use your own VPN server or some of the free applications available on Google Play to change your location to the US. Some apps like Hola VPN, Batternet VPN or any VPN provider from vpncomparison can mask your location on the Oculus application.

4. Install Samsung VR video player

Proceed to Oculus Store and install the Samsung VR player to your phone. Samsung VR player is currently the most versatile video player for 360º or 180º panoramic videos. If you can't find the player, go to Library and tap Not installed, you should find it there.

5. Download Video to your PC

By now your phone is already setup to play the VR videos. Proceed to KinkVR, choose any video you like and click the download button to reveal the list of available options. Choose Samsung HQ - 60fps which is the format specifically adapted to Gear VR headsets.

6. Upload the video to your phone

PLEASE NOTE: If you're Mac OSX user you might want to use the Android File Transfer application.

Connect the phone to your PC and upload the video to your phone to the \MilkVR folder located on the root of your phone's internal memory or on an external SD card. If the folder doesn't exist, create it and upload the file (or files) there.

WINDOWS USERS: if you see this image or a similar one, please click "no, just copy" so you don't change the format of the file.

7. Launch the video

  • - Connect the phone to the Gear VR headset
  • - Open the Samsung VR player
  • - Go to Sideloaded tab in the Samsung VR player's navigation menu
  • - Choose the desired video file to play

8. Enjoy the experience